Painting Potter
Showcasing my abysmal drawing skills and stupid sense of humor.
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zachere - HP theories are fun!

Thursday, July 20th. 3:57pm.

Better late than never, right?

[paint me]

zachere - Neville's wand

Monday, July 25th. 12:39am.
Very mild HBP spoiler.Collapse )

[8 strokes :: paint me]


Friday, July 22nd. 11:57pm.
Spoilers for HBPCollapse )

[1 stroke :: paint me]

zachere - Guest strip! By DK!

Thursday, July 21st. 1:33am.
Street Weasel stuns Diagon Alley - Mild HBP spoilersCollapse )

[4 strokes :: paint me]

zachere - Riddikulus!

Saturday, July 9th. 1:52am.

I've just noticed that Harry doesn't have a scar. Weird.

[2 strokes :: paint me]

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