Painting Potter
Showcasing my abysmal drawing skills and stupid sense of humor.
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zachere - Riddikulus!

Monday, July 4th. 3:21am.

That's a Flavor Flav Clock. I don't know why.

[2 strokes :: paint me]

zachere - Riddikulus!

Saturday, July 2nd. 1:14am.
You may see some more theory-bashing strips in the next two weeks.

[4 strokes :: paint me]

zachere - When fanfiction attacks!

Monday, May 2nd. 3:15am.
This strip may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Mild language and violence.Collapse )

[2 strokes :: paint me]

zachere - Beyond the Veil

Tuesday, April 26th. 4:08pm.

[paint me]

zachere - S.S. Red Riding Hood

Monday, April 25th. 3:32pm.
I like this ship myself, but still...

[1 stroke :: paint me]

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