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The Potterverse interpreted through Mspaint

The Potterverse interpreted through MSPaint
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This community is maintained by zachere. I'm no great shakes at drawing and I have a rubbish sense of humor. This should be evident from the contents of this community.

SOME CONTENTS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. If you are under 13, please, ask a parent or guardian for permission before looking at strips that are marked unsuitable.

This is a private community, which means that if you join, you will not be able to post. However, there are some members-only posts here, so if you really like what I've done you may want to join. Be warned, however, that the use of images here could mean that your friends page will break, so you may not want to add this community to your friends list if you do decide to join. I will not use lj-cut on a strip unless, in my own twisted opinion, the strip is offensive enough to merit warning. Or unless it contains spoilers for recent books.

Community rules are as follows:

Comments: Have at it. I'm fairly easy-going. I will not tolerate shipping wars, or derogatory remarks toward me that are unrelated to my inability to draw or to be funny. These comments will be deleted and if you are a member, you will be put on probation. If anonymous comments get out of hand I will disable them.

If you are an offended fanfiction author you may kindly go shut yourself in a room and learn to write. There's a reason I spent a torturous five minutes at my computer making that strip. If you comment on the strip related to your fic, I will not delete it, and you will be made fun of. If you email me privately, I will post the email in the comments on the strip in question and you will be made fun of. You've been warned.

Affiliates are cool! Really, really cool and I love them to death! Here are my adorable affiliates:


Disclaimer: Harry Potter and whatnot is and are registererd trademarks of Warner Bros, etc. I'm not making any money off this, I'm just being silly.